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When ordinary

won't do

Wadoo is a happy, colorful shop that brings you the extraordinary version of the ordinary! Our carefully curated selection of top-drawer, small-batch home goods, gifts and accessories are made with care for their makers, the economy, the environment and YOU. Come inside and feel the creative positivity; walk out with a unique and perfect treasure!

About Wadoo

But it isn’t about us, is it? It’s about you.

We want you to enjoy yourself, relax, and delight your senses while you find the perfect gift, pick-me-up, or accessory for your lovely self or cozy home. We do the heavy lifting at Wadoo to make this magic happen. (Not literally -- we leave the physical lifting to your friends with pickup trucks!) We mean we do the hard work of vetting everything we buy for the following sorts of important things: Was the maker paid a liveable wage in a healthy environment? Is the product well-crafted? Was it made in America, or better yet, in Colorado? And if it wasn’t, does it have some other redeeming quality, like, was it recycled or does it give money to a good cause?

Was the environment protected in its production? Ultimately, is this item the best we can do for a reasonable price? And is it an extraordinary version of an ordinary thing? Because we ask those questions before we buy, you can just relax and enjoy yourself here! You don’t have to wonder, for example, if it was made in a sweat shop, because if it’s in Wadoo, it wasn’t. In our store, everything is made and presented to you with integrity. And that frees you to simply look around and see what makes you happy!

Free Gift Wrapping

We offer free gift wrap on most items; just ask!

Gift Registry

Wadoo now has a wedding registry! Come register for the gifts that will make your house a home. Register for one gift or many for your wedding, commitment ceremonies or showers. Wadoo happily serves any couple who wants something special from our store. Just come in; one of our sales team will take care of the process for you.

our artists

We value our makers for their creativity and care, but also because they’re good people. Just as Wadoo’s sales team members are the salt of the Earth, so are the artists we all promote. Our artists come from everywhere, but most are from North America and about 30 percent live in Colorado. We find them in galleries, at trade shows, on the internet and when they walk through our front door.

Every day, we are asked to carry someone’s work. It is not possible for us to carry even a small fraction of the work offered to us. But we do keep on file work that meets our criteria, and when we need something new, we look through that file. If you would like your work to be in that file for consideration, we thank you for your interest! Please send photos and a description of your work, wholesale and resale prices, whether you sell online or at other places in Fort Collins, a description of how you make your products, and your contact information to info@wadoogifts.com. Please do not bring your artwork into the store to show us. If we want to see it after we have received your information, we will contact you.

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