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Wadoo has Reopened!

As of Monday, Aug. 17, Wadoo reopened with a safe, Window Shopping model that everyone can safely shop in — whether you’re over 65, have underlying health conditions, are immune compromised like myself, or just don’t want to get sick with Covid-19. Our Contactless Window Shopping gives a safe haven to everyone, so you can shop safely for gifts for you, your loved ones, and your home at our specialty boutique. When you shop at Wadoo, you won’t breathe other people’s aerosols. Your purchases won’t have been touched by other shoppers. Your credit card will never be taken from your hands. And you’ll pay contactlessly through the glass on our mosaic front porch. Come try it out! We want to serve our customers, stay in business, and yet, stay safe and not contribute to this global health crisis.

Please take a look at our Curbside Pickup page on this website to see the items available in our windows! If there’s something you don’t see in the windows that you’re interested in, just ask! Our salesperson will be able to give you undivided attention on the phone inside while you stay safely outside, and she can show you items through the window.

Check out our Oak Street windows for more information, or just call (970-223-4012) or email us (info@wadoogifts.com) if you have any questions or want to place a curbside pickup! We can also ship anywhere in the United States.