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Summer’s End New Inventory!

Summer is busy; I’ve been in a tizzy.
Didn’t send notes; was ordering more goats!
But now we have clocks; every one of them rocks.
An artist makes these, and they’re the bees knees.
Metal, handmade, they’re modern, not staid.
In colors galore; cool to the core.
A feast for your eyes; they’ll draw out the sighs.
They’ll tell you the time; they’re worth this great rhyme.

We’ve got floor mats, too; they’ll brighten the view
In your home, they’ll define
Where you dine, where you wine.
They clean up real nice; they’ve got a great price.
They don’t slide on wood, but stay put like they should.
You’ll want one of these, in twos maybe threes.
And how long can I keep that up? Apparently, just that long. Yet I still have things to say!Besides the clocks and floor mats, which you really must see so you can develop a strong yearning for them, Wadoo also has the biggest display that Zippo makes of its beautiful US-made lighters! Whether you smoke or not, you’ll want one – they’re tiny works of art! And who doesn’t need a flame now and then?

Welcome Back CSU Students and Doting Parents! Parents, if you need a shoulder to weep on, come in – we all have children, and we understand this utter nonsense that encourages them to grow up and leave us. But maybe buy them a little parting gift before you drop and run: organizational bags, catch-all wooden bowls, air-freshening candles (of course they moved into a dump), a Bhavana water bottle (hydrate!), 4Ocean bracelet, Blackwing pencils or a fountain pen (they have to write, so make it fancy!), a Pura Vida or Fahlo bracelet or a tiny message ring that says you love them (literally, it says you love them), or a bottle garden for good cheer and added oxygen. And students, if you need a lighter …. 

For the first time, thanks to all of YOU, Wadoo has been nominated in the Coloradoan’s Best of Fort Collins awards for best boutique, best gift shop, and best jewelry! The final voting for No 1 has begun and ends Aug. 23rd. Will you please vote for us? We are listed in those three categories in the “Shopping” division. Thank you! Here’s the link: https://coloradoan.secondstreetapp.com/2022-Best-of-Fort-Collins/ 

And finally, pull out those Club Cards because Wadoo is ready to honor them again, giving the holder 5 percent off for life! The pandemic derailed our generosity, but our hearts and cash flow have prevailed! Free we-love-you gifts will be returning in October for Club Card members, too! If you’d like a Wadoo Club Card, simply ask at the front desk. We only give out a limited number, but we have a few left.
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